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please call  me at 647-831-5772

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For commercial and product photography, please contact my producer

Robbie McNamara







One of my earliest childhood memories was of my mother in a dark room processing photographs.  She raised me with an appreciation for all things art related.  I grew up drawing, writing prose and poetry, in harmony with a world of beauty.


However, my working life did not begin with photography.  Instead, I studied mechanical engineering and was awarded a degree in it.  It was never fulfilling work and I spent years searching for my real passion.  I changed many different jobs and traveled a lot.  Years of globetrotting made me adaptable and taught me to think outside the box.


In 2014, my father-in-law gave me his old point-and-shoot camera and I haven’t stopped taking pictures since.  I finally found my true calling and have put all of my creative energy into this wonderful profession.  The opportunity to show a bit of your inside world and unique vision in every picture is inspiring.  Capturing the character and charisma of each subject is a truly magical experience.


I am a fashion and portrait photographer, but I also photograph events and families.  I love to capture emotions and personalities.  Shooting fashion is my favorite.  I love to create remarkable editorials as a result of collaborating with an original team.  During the last two years, I have been published in twenty independent print magazines and a few online publications.


In my portrait photography, I strive to bring some elements from fashion and beauty, as everyone would like to look like a model from a magazine cover.  My biggest goal is to find the best angle for each person and to make them look better than ever before.  


I've also had the opportunity to shoot product and behind-the-scenes (on-set) photography of late.  


I’ve enjoyed all I do but continue to search for new ideas, concepts and challenges.  

All over Golden Horse Shoe

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Hamilton, ON